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Architectural Pearl in Dubai – Crescent Moon Tower

There is not more beautiful and more important symbol than the sun and the moon, because their connection of the light and dark, day and night, positively – negatively, keep us in balance. This is evident in the project that is going to be built in Dubai in about five years from now – the fascinating Crescent Moon Tower

After so many fantastic buildings that Dubai constantly surprises us with, which are imagined in most amazing styles, the Crescent Moon Tower is real jewel of the architecture. Its height is 33 floors and it is going to be located in Za’abeel Park, close to the desert that surrounds the city.

The project, which currently awaits a permission to be build, has two main goals. The first one is to point at connection . The other one is to show the world how far Dubai reached in technology and economic development. It is well known that Dubai is one of the most famous places in the world for investing in technology and architecture.

The main “blame” for this very beautiful building has the architectural firm Transparence House, which has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Moscow and Berlin. Precisely Denis Krylov, Juri Pitomčev, Christ Molion and David Scott designed this project.

The Crescent Moon Tower is going to be set on 220 acres of a former industrial hub for storage. It is going to be multifunctional building where tourists and locals are going to use variety of recreational activities and cultural events. It is going to settle offices, hotels, apartments and shops for about 50 thousand people and 48 thousand workers.

It is already clear that the tower itself is going to be an attraction as well as many other towers in Dubai. But the goal is clear: The Crescent Moon Tower will change the face of the Emirates. It will attract and promote tourism, recreation, science and culture of the country.